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WeightLoss Boston reviews from Yelp


Weight Loss Boston reviews

Here are some reviews of WeightLoss Boston on Yelp.com.

I am writing this testimonial to Dr. Nash and Weightloss Boston because I feel the need to express my satisfaction with my current weight loss program. Firstly, Dr. Nash has been courteous and professional at each of our consultations. Secondly, I am happily surprised that this program has been easily endoctrinated into my life style. I have found this regime to NOT leave me hungry, or, wanting more. In fact, my success in this program is transformative. I have lost 19 pounds in just 12 days, and I look forward to continued success over the next few weeks. Lastly, I am impressed with both Dr. Nash and his weight loss program because I have been more successful with this plan than with any other weight loss endeavor I have undertaken. I have been able to cook meals for my son without the temptation of eating what I have prepared. Following this program has given me a new lease on life!!! *

Jennifer L.

I do not give credit to fad weight loss plans, pills, or diets. So in writing this review, I want you, the reader to know, that this is a real plan that works. It is not a trick, a fad, or anything that promises magic results (although the results do seem magical). If you commit and follow the program, the weight melts off and you feel great! I lost 20 lbs and a year later Im still down 18 lbs from my weight before seeing Dr. Nash. He is the real deal. This is the best money I have ever spent. To be transparent, I maintain my weight with Weight Watchers. But the Sadkhin Complex helped me drop 20 lbs quickly and safely. I gained some back after a summer of drinking and dessert binges, but that was because I was eating in a way that would cause anyone to gain weight no matter what weight loss plan you had previously used. I quickly dropped the weight again using Sadkhin for a 2nd time.  Do it, invest in yourself, go see Dr. Nash! *

Andrea B.

I used to be able to lose weight no problem.. then I turned 40. I gained 10 pounds over the winter and no matter what I did when the spring rolled around I couldnt lose an ounce! I was eating healthy, running 3 miles daily and doing the insanity workout. Still nothing.

In my desperation I tried Weightloss Boston. Though it didnt seem feasible you could lose so much weight so quickly I was willing to try anything. Im SOOO happy I went to Dr. Nash. Hes fantastic!!

My total goal was to lose 30 pounds. I lost 12 of those in less than a month which Im thrilled with! And Im still going strong!

The program is a severely restricted diet where youre only eating natural unprocessed foods. It can seem impossible but I promise it isnt. Trust Dr. Nash and the process and youll be thrilled you did. I know I am 🙂 *

Christine A.

This place is amazing! Unlike any other dieting experience this method makes you lose weight and stay happy. You dont feel suffering or deprived, you actually feel healthier. You dont think about food at all, because you are not hungry; but when you eat, it tastes good.
Losing 12 pounds (6.5% of the original weight) in 2 weeks, and seeing all the people that have lost weight with Dr Nash and how they keep the results for years, it definitely inspires you!
Also you save more on food than spend on the treatments, and have a good chance to rid of your caffeine addiction! *

Elena S.



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Weight Loss Boston
June 03, 2023
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