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Article in the Daily Item

An article about Weight Loss Boston has been published in the Daily Item:

Weight-loss doctor expanding practice


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Dr. Shalva “Sol” Nash, who has owned and operated Brookline-based Weightloss Boston since 2002, has had great success using the holistic Sadkhin weight-loss method. Nash is expanding his practice to Lynn, opening an office at 20 Central Ave. in the building that houses Lynn Community Health Center.

Nash says his patients have achieved substantial weight loss without pills, heavy exercise or prepared foods. He adds the Sadkhin method facilitates naturopathic, drug-free and rapid weight loss using acupressure to curb the hunger and cravings typically associated with a restricted diet.

“I use an acupuncture technique, where small steel beads are placed behind the ear and held in place with surgical tape,” said Nash. He said there are 16 bioreactive pressure points in the body, and the stimulating beads are put in different spots to target specific organs, suppressing hunger and fighting fat deposits. Clients must be 18 or older, and an office visit to change the placement of the beads is required every 10 days.

Plus the patient must follow an initial dietary plan/cleansing program (fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk) that promotes safe weight loss.

“One client suffered from diabetes and had (blood sugar levels) numbers of 230 when she first met with us,” said Nash. “She followed the program and, gradually, the dosage of her medication was reduced. Finally, her numbers were down to 70 and she took no more insulin.” She also lost a lot of weight.

Nash was a medical doctor in Russia, having graduated from First Moscow State Medical University, before coming to the United States in 1997. Dissuaded by the intensive, years-long process to get accreditation in this country, Nash, who lives in Lynn, first worked as a phlebotomist at Beth Israel Medical Center and then as an EKG technician at Cambridge Hospital before training with Dr. Grigory Sadkhin in New York. He said he is one of the few licensed Sadkhin practitioners in New England, the only one in Massachusetts. He says many of his clients live on the North Shore, and the Lynn office will eliminate their commute to Brookline.

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